Always be prepared

Tried and Tested.

Our tutors can help build up their English reading, writing and speaking ability, and help prepare them well for the inevitable English interview.

We offer a structured intensive English training program based on your child's needs and abilities with experienced English tutors.


These lessons are conducted face-to-face in our Hong Kong offices and can also be arranged online if needed. 

Our team of tutors are high achievers and can help with entrance 

examination preparation that spans 

English, Putonghua and Mathematics.

Our interview prep course is a structured course that helps prepare the student's way of tackling questions and presentation, rather than reciting their answers. This method has been tried and tested, and will be a skill set that will be continually used beyond the classroom in the real world.



Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary

HK 9,000 / 10 hrs

1 on 1 training

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