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Designed for families who need professional and insightful schooling advice. Premium School Placement Service assists in every aspect of finding the best-fit school for your child. We customize our services to provide the most necessary and appropriate guidance for both students and parents.

Finding the right school

Profile Analysis

Schooling Plan

Advise on Applications

Interview Training

Enrollment Decision

Your school search requires support and expertise

Personalized service to suit all families

We offer a wide range of personal one-to-one services to suit all families. You tell us what you want and we tell you how we can help. Whether you are relocating from overseas or whether your first child is as yet unborn, You will have your own personal advisor who draws on combined experience and expertise from the entire team behind.

School search made easy

Finding the right school has never been easier with our help. Our comprehensive database enables families to search, compare and share accurate, up-to-date information on schools. By sharing industry insights of what we have learnt over the years about different international schools and the paths their students take, we help parents analyze schools and suggest a list of suitable schools.

Every child is a unique individual

Learning potential is the most important factor when choosing a suitable school. Every student has different interests, personality and intelligence. We help every child identify their unique strengths and determine the best approach for their learning path thorough needs assessment with parents and the child.

Over 126 International schools in Hong Kong, with over 11 different curriculum available

Stop juggling your calendar and let us handle your application

Schools want to know how prospective students may fulfill the vision and the mission of the school. Our consultant will manage every part of your application process.


For schools

For parents

For student

  • Schedule school visits 

  • Guided school visits and interviews

  • Liaise with schools to follow up on applications submitted and understand actual vacancies and waitlist length

  • Submit all necessary documents to ensure no delays in application process

  • Advise on debenture options

  • Guide families to answer necessary application questions

  • Respond to ongoing questions by email/phone

  • Schedule and prepare for assessments and interview

  • Intensive English training

  • Refer to trusted partners for  playgroups, extracurricular activities, , and provide home search if needed.

Prepare your child for all aspects of the interview

Creating a fun experience

The school interview is an integral part of nearly every international school's admissions process in Hong Kong.  Our qualified teachers help children as young as 3 years old to prepare for individual and group interviews. We help your child build confidence so that the school interview becomes a fun experience.

Specific interview skills training

Key-skill-based exercises will include story tellingphonics, reading & spelling, show and tell and writing. In addition to all skills-based testing preparation, student will learn the importance of posture, eye contact, proper etiquette and smiling.

Mock Interviews

Children will participate in mock interviews which are conducted in the manner of real interviews. These mock interviews will take place both with parents and without.

Our qualified teachers have helped children as young as 2 years old to prepare for individual and group interviews

English language training 

Small class sizes with native speakers

We offer both small group sessions and one-on-one classes. Our small group classes are student centered and we ensure that each student in the class is an active participant and given optimal attention by the teacher. All teachers are highly educated Native English Speakers.

A different approach to learn English

Children in local schools learn English by memorizing rules, spelling accuracy, often through drilling. As a result, they tend to struggle to express themselves in English. Our English training enables children acquire to English naturally through the expression of ideas rather than grammatical accuracy.

Video & voice call classes

Families are always on the go so it is often very hard to find a time and location that would suit you and your child's schedule for interview training. We have created an option for classes to be conducted via video/voice calls. These level-specific educational video classes give students the opportunity to watch and learn anytime and anywhere.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Parents of R, aged 12, came to us in July 2017 to seek our assistance in finding a place for R as the family was relocating from China. Due to fierce competition for a place at international schools (secondary), R’s parents understood that it’s not easy to get into your first choice.

While R's parents were unsure about the number of backup schools R should apply to, we assessed that R’s English level was not far off the admission standard of his first choice school.

So instead of researching backup school profiles, we focused on getting R ready for school’s assessment. This involves creating a module to improve his English verbal and writing skills.

Because R and his family was still living in China during the application period, we arranged for R’s interview classes to be conducted over video calls with an emphasis on bringing clarity and confidence into his self-introduction speech.

In order to also help R improve his level of writing, specifically on his use of grammar and syntax, we sent him an essay prompt weekly via email exchanges, providing feedback and pointers to his answers.

R was successful and moved to his first choice school for Fall '17..

Beyond Acceptance


Careful consideration is needed as accepting an offer comes along with a non-refundable debenture and deposit or first month tuition fee at most schools.

With the understanding of your child’s strength and personality, we assist families to place the child into the right school where he or she is most likely to enjoy, thrive and excel. 

Portfolio Building

Success seldom occurs overnight, JLC regards education of children as a long-term planning. 


Our services do not simply end after placement is made for the student. We help students plan for success by continuing school support and instilling a disciplined approach to setting learning goals.

By enrolling in our service, your family will be assigned a personalized consultant that will utilize a flexible support system to assist with school applications, assessment, school visits and guidance on every aspect of international schooling.

Your consultant will work with you every step of the way till your child is offered a place by the school of your choice.


When should I send my student to International School?

The Hong Kong education system can be daunting. For new and transferring students, it is important to recognise the nuances of each type of school and recognise the best time for entry for certain schools. As your consultants, we aim to maximise the chances of getting your child into the school of your choice - that means being able to recognise when certain types of schools accept additional students, or when certain types of curricula allow a natural entry point for a student to start fresh within a new system.

What type of curriculum should they study?

For example, schools based on the UK system start earlier than their American or Hong Kong counterparts. As parents, that means we have to plan meticulously ahead of time as to when would be a suitable entry point for the student. For a new or transferring student into a UK-based secondary school system, depending on the age of the student, natural entry points into that system are Year 9, 10 and 12. 

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