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Kindergarten Package

Interviews for kindergartens can start at ages as young as 3 years old for competitive kindergartens. It's important to know what your child will be tested on. Most assessments are held in group settings with 6-8 other children. During the assessments teachers will evaluate:

  • child's ability to interact with others

  • basic communication in first language 

  • being able to recognise their own name

  • identify colors, numbers, letters and shapes

  • the ability to follow basic instructions

  • tell a story based on pictures

  • recall a story based that was read to them


Primary School Interview Package

HK-Schools can help prepare your children to the best of their abilities. With our program, we will teach the children key exercises such as story telling, phonics, and reading/spelling/writing. 

  • clear communication

    • answering in complete sentences, meeting and greeting​ adults

  • being able to retell and summarise a story in their own words

    • being able to speak in full sentences and clearly communicating their ideas​

  • tell a story based on pictures

    • who, what, when, why, where?

  • being able to read a storybook

    • emphasis on phonics

  • reasoning skills

    • ability to answer basic situational questions​

  • mock interviews​

Teacher and Blackboard

Secondary School Interview Package

Transitioning from a local Hong Kong school to an international school is not easy. Many parents prefer to have their children develop a base for Chinese in the primary years and then transition to English in secondary. We can help your child improve their communication skills be helping them to articulately tell their unique story and stand out amongst the crowd.


  • real interview questions

  • develop a compelling introduction​​​​

    • discuss family, school and extracurricular activities

  • being able to answer tough situational questions​

    • why, what, when, how​

  • tackle difficult reasoning questions ​

    • mental arithmetic

  • talk about personal likes and dislikes 

  • talk about strengths and weaknesses​​

  • mock interviews​

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