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Prep for Success

Our tutors have helped our students attend prestigious schools such as CIS, GSIS, ESF, Harrow, Singapore, ISF, FIS, CDNIS, VSA, Malvern and many more. We offer classes in interview class prep, entrance examination prep and private tuition.

Our interview prep courses are 1-to-1, and can be face to face or online with native English teachers. We train students from pre-school, primary to secondary levels.

For entrance exams, we help prep students across all levels for various types of examinations ranging from computer-adaptive tests (GSIS, CIS, Harrow, CDNIS etc..) to written examinations (ESF, GSIS, CIS, VSA, ISF, Singapore).

We also offer long term tutoring services for students who wish to advanced in their IBDP, GCSE or A-Level subjects in English, additional languages, mathematics, sciences and humanities. We also have tutors that can help with university entrance examinations such as the ACT and SAT.

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1-on-1 Interview Prep Classes for International Schools



English, Math, CAT4, ISEE, MAP, UKiset test prep for CIS, GSIS, Harrow, HKIS, CDNIS and other International Schools



Connect online with tutors all over the world to focus on English, Math, Science, Humanities for the IBDP, SAT, ACT, GCSE and A-Levels


Got questions about tuition and prep services for international schools?

We are here to help.

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The magic of storytime with trained teachers over iPad.


Personalised vocabulary building

Reading skills and phonics

Native English Teachers

Tablet Learning
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