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2021-22 Global IB Rankings for IBDP: Hong Kong's Outstanding Academic Landscape

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

The 2022-23 academic year has come to a close, and for students come relief, excitement and hopes and dreams for their next academic adventure. We came across some interesting data as it related to IB scores across the world for last year. While school rankings are not everything, parents sure do love it. More than anything, what we wish to highlight is that Hong Kong, a beautiful city that is home to 7.4 million people boasts some of the top IB schools in the world.

Despite its small size, Hong Kong has consistently demonstrated its educational prowess, with an impressive number of schools making their mark in the international arena. In this blog post, we will delve into the strengths of Hong Kong's IBDP schools and explore why they have earned such esteemed recognition.

Hong Kong's Unparalleled Strength

Hong Kong's IBDP schools have earned a reputation for excellence, and their notable achievements are a testament to the city's educational prowess. In the academic year 2021-22, an impressive seven Hong Kong schools secured positions within the coveted Top 25 global rankings. These schools include St. Paul's Co-Ed College, Diocesan Boys' School, German Swiss International School, Chinese International School, ISF Academy, Singapore International School, and St. Stephen's College. Their inclusion in this elite group demonstrates the exceptional quality of education offered by these institutions.

Global Excellence from Diverse Corners

While Hong Kong takes the lead, the global rankings also showcase outstanding schools from various countries. The Top 25 list features notable schools from countries such as the United Kingdom and Singapore, further highlighting the global nature of educational excellence. Schools like Godolphin & Latymer School, KCS Wimbledon, Cheltenham Ladies' College, Wellington College, North London Collegiate, Sevenoaks, Whitgift, Abbey School, and Ardingly represent the UK's strong presence. Singapore's contribution includes institutions like Anglo Chinese School, St. Joseph's, Tanglin Trust, School of the Arts Singapore, and Haw Chong.

Hong Kong's Presence in the Top 100

Beyond the Top 25, Hong Kong continues to shine, with several more schools making their mark in the Top 100 rankings. Notable institutions such as Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau, Victoria Shanghai Academy, HKCCCU Logos Academy, Canadian International School Hong Kong, GT Ellen Yeung, English Schools Foundation (Island School, King George V, West Island, South Island, Shatin College), French International School, Yew Chung, and Carmel School all feature prominently. This remarkable representation within the Top 100 reaffirms Hong Kong's strength to providing a globally competitive education.

Hong Kong's Multicultural Advantage and Academic Excellence

One of Hong Kong's strengths lies in its multicultural environment, drawing in expats and international students from around the world. This diversity fosters a rich cultural exchange and exposes students to a variety of perspectives, enhancing their overall educational experience. Hong Kong's IBDP students are renowned for their exceptional academic abilities, excelling in subjects such as Chinese, Mathematics, and English. The city's emphasis on bilingualism and its recognition of the importance of nurturing language skills sets its students apart on the global stage.


Hong Kong's IBDP schools have consistently proven their mettle on the global rankings, boasting a remarkable concentration of top-tier institutions within its borders. The city's dedication to academic excellence, coupled with its multicultural environment, has created an educational landscape that nurtures and empowers students to reach their full potential. As Hong Kong's IBDP schools continue to excel and make their mark globally, they solidify the city's reputation as a premier destination for world-class education.

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