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2022-23 International School Placement Results (Updated August 2022)

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

2022 has been kind to us.

Our student's efforts paid off, and is extremely proud to announce the acceptances of our students into top international school in Hong Kong across all grade levels for academic year 2022-23.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting into a top school. Our teachers prepped our students well across all aspects of the admissions process including computer adaptive testing, English and Chinese writing, interview preparation as well as portfolio building.

Well done! Congratulations to our hard working students (and parents)!

Chinese International School (Year 7) (2 Students) German Swiss International School (Year 7)

Hong Kong International School (Reception)

Hong Kong International School (Grade 4) ISF Pre-School (Year 2) ISF Academy (Grade 3)

ISF Academy (Grade 5) Singapore International School (Primary 4, 5 and 6)

Kellett International School (Year 9)

Victoria Shanghai Academy (Year 4)

ESF West Island School (Grade 12) CDNIS Early Years Bilingual Stream (EY1) CDNIS Early Years International Stream (EY1) CDNIS Prep International Stream ESF Peak School (Year 1) ESF Kennedy School (Year 1) ESF Hillside Kindergarten (K1) x 2 Malvern College HK (Prep 1) French International School (Reception and Nursery)

American School Hong Kong (Grade 5) Japanese International School (Grade 5)

Anfield Primary School (Year 5)

Harrow International School (Year 9)

In addition, we were able to assist students with finding schools who were transitioning back to HK from other countries, such as:

Invictus School (Year 10) Nord Anglia International School (Year 10) Nord Anglia International School (Year 8)

We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and weclome the Year of the Tiger!

More to come.. stay tuned!

Interested in applying for HK International Schools? is an International schools admissions expert that focuses on school selection, interview prep and entrance examinations.

Contact us on WhatsApp at 852-6996-2230 or email us at for more information.



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