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Company Statement on Infringement of Student Acceptance Letters

Updated: Jan 25, 2022 has recently discovered that some educational consulting companies based in Mainland China and Hong Kong have stolen content published by the company without authorization of the company, and have even published multiple blogs, articles, pictures, school acceptance letters that belonged to We have conducted research and found out that this company acted as potential customers to steal our student acceptance letters and market research which was then modified and placed on popular social media networks such as Little Red Book (小红书), Zhihu (知乎), and WeChat (微信). Our student acceptance letters were used in over 30+ published articles online. Whilst doing our research, we discovered that this company has plagiarized the work of other reputable consultants in the industry.

In this industry, student acceptance letters are the ultimate sign of success and achievement. For a company to steal these and use them as their own marketing materials an abhorrent and unethical act. We are disappointed that others would steal our track record which has taken years to build through hard work and many sleepless nights.

We will not tolerate any form of plagiarism, theft or misappropriation of our company's intellectual property rights, and we reserve the right to further legal investigation. Further, as an educational consulting company, we find it ironic and unethical that other companies try to steal and take credit for the work of others.

We have tried to reach out to the company to cease and desist, only to have been blocked by them after repeated attempts to contact them. While ignoring our messages is a simplistic way of avoiding the issue, we will find other ways to bring this to light. We will not let this company defraud other unknowing parents and students. highly recommends that parents engage and select the proper education consultant to do their due diligence on the company's background, operations and qualifications. In addition, ask for parent references and conduct thorough checks on supposed success cases.

HKS Education Limited

January 24th, 2022



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