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HK-Schools Focus Series: Malvern College Hong Kong

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Malvern College Hong Kong was awarded a greenfield site adjacent to the Hong Kong Science Park through a highly competitive allocation process. The school opened its doors in August 2018 and will ultimately provide 1,200 places for both primary and secondary pupils. The campus is easily accessible by most main transport links including private or public transport. An extensive compulsory school bus service is also in operation.

Our Vision

Malvern College Hong Kong seeks to develop independent, forward-thinking individuals who demonstrate strength of character, responsibility and compassion. We are committed to giving pupils a rich and varied learning environment to encourage them to be inquisitive and critical learners, passionate about engaging with the world as global citizens and confident to face challenges and fulfill their academic and personal potential.

Our Mission

1. Identify and develop pupils’ potential through a variety of teaching methodologies, pastoral care and co-curricular opportunities;

2. Provide a holistic education encompassing global understanding, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork;

3. Emphasise inculcating cross-cultural and internationally-inspired values which are summarised in the Malvern Qualities;

4. Build a strong sense of community where there is an understanding of common responsibility for the wider world and with the local community.

Five Centres of Excellence

British-style Pastoral Care

Effective pastoral care improves pupils’ academic achievement: children and young people learn best when they are balanced and content.

Enhanced Learning

Support of individualised learning: Gifted & Talented Mentorship and other enrichment programmes.

Entrepreneurial Education

”Value creation mindset”: creativity and innovation, de-compartmentalisation, risk-taking, resilience, collaboration and critical thinking.

Outdoor and Environmental Education

Forest-Beach School, “The Ledder”, Outward Bound, Junior Duke, ECO Warriors, field trips and expeditions.

Global Network

Cross-cultural exchange and collaboration within our growing network of Malvern schools in the UK, Switzerland, Egypt, China and Hong Kong.

For more information, please visit Malvern College's website

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