Our team of consultants here at JLC have years of experience helping clients getting into the schools of their choice. As international school alumni and parents of current students in International schools, we have experienced the journey your child will take on and understand what it takes to for parents to help their children excel. We are here to help you and your child create the best road map to success.

We help Hong Kong parents find the best schools for their children, however urgent the deadline, however complex the circumstances.

We help parents find the best private or international school for their children. Whether you are a Hong Kong resident or relocating internationally, considering boarding or day schools, our education consultants will help you find the school that meets your hopes.

The different school choices and programme options available for both local and international schools can seem daunting. As education experts, we are here to help you navigate through this confusing yet extremely competitive education landscape. 


All our consultants have personally visited and reviewed countless schools, added on top with direct experience of every aspect of both Hong Kong and international education systems, not to mention invaluable local knowledge about schools. we advise parents on everything to do with children and their education. 

We are independent education consultants who provide bespoke solutions and offer impartial advice to families. 

We work for you and do not take any commissions from schools.

Preparing for entry interview and assessment 

Students need to attend interviews to demonstrate they have the right profile to be active partners in learning. Interview and assessment procedures are tailored to different age groups across schools.

In-depth knowledge of the  Education System

Reserve a face-to-face meeting with our education consultants. This is offered to clients who would like an introduction to the Hong Kong education system in general. You tell us what you are looking for and we explain how we can help. 


Learning potential is the most important factor when choosing a suitable school.

Our services are tailored to meet complex, urgent or other specific circumstances.


We provide advices with the family’s best interests for long-term goals in mind.

Our promise to you and your family

Results is what every family is looking for and our staff have a 100% record of getting students into to a school of their choice.

We will make sure your child is ready to flourish within the school upon getting accepted.

Finding the most suitable school is more important

C’s parents contacted us in November 2016, a month after moving to Hong Kong from China. With limited knowledge on level of competition and classroom environment of international schools in Hong Kong, C’s parents relied on us to find the best school for their girl.


Our assessment of C, aged 8, indicated that she was weak in English - both literacy and fluency.


With C being a native mandarin speaker and having only studied at local school before her arrival in Hong Kong, we suggested that getting C into a top tiered international school, where language support is limited, would do more to hinder C’s confidence in expressing herself than to improve her English skills.


We advised C’s parents to consider international schools that better suits their child’s personality and proficiencies. We then shortlisted three schools for C to apply to, providing a lengthy personalized school profile report.

After getting the go-ahead from her parents, we helped C enrolled in an international school with Canadian curriculum, where C would be learning in an English immersion environment and receive English as a second language support.


Thanks to a less competitive and friendlier education atmosphere, C had no trouble integrating herself into her new environment and is now enjoying school life more than ever before.


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