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HK International Schools
Admissions Experts

Experienced consultants to guide you every step of the way
CIS, HKIS, GSIS, ESF, FIS, CDNIS, SIS, VSA, Malvern etc..*
Disclaimer: Please note that does not have a special arrangement or relationship with the schools listed on this site

What Our Parents Say

Experienced UK education consultants 
Prepare for the 11+, 13+, 16+ and UKiset for the top schools
Student Paper Writing
1-on-1 tutoring with experienced tutors
Prepare for CAT4, ISEE, IDAT, Math and English exams
Teacher and Blackboard
Tell your story!
Prepare with Native English Teachers
Prep for Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Interviews

We plan, strategise and prepare for your child's academic future

Got questions about international schools? We are here to help.

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